Our clients are all united by having a fascinating story to tell. Here are some of our successful case studies.
video / photoshooting
Light is a matter of balance between atmospheres and functionality. These are Penta projects: a fusion of architectural elements and essential shapes, that guarantee perfect lighting and timeless elegance at the same time.
Target: Lighting
web / adv / branding / photoshooting / video
They produce Denim fabric bringing innovation to the productive processes in order to reduce the environmental impact and grow through a sustainable development.
Target: Textile
web / e-commerce
Charm and meticulous knowledge of stones, together with the desire to give life to a contemporary, unconventional jewelry. An international brand with 10 boutiques in the world and a distribution network that serves 19 countries.
Target: High Jewellery
Noble cotton, evergreen silk and changing viscose, shiny or matt. Floral or geometrical patterns that recall the shapes of imagination and daily life. Metal weaves that enrich and seduce. Ageless charm of the sparkle. This is Rubelli.
Target: Textile
branding / web / catalogues / photoshooting / video / adv
A constant search for functional furniture solutions and a systematic commitment to maintain international standards such as quality, safety and environmental management: these are universally recognized keys to success.
Target: Furniture
branding / web / wallpaper / art-images / catalogues / photoshooting / video / adv / seo
Searching,experimenting, creating: this is their DNA. It is like leaving for a long trip to an unknown destination and, along the way, discovering the small hidden boutique that sells tailor made clothes, produced, first of all, with heart and soul.
Target: Art & Furniture
catalogues / photoshooting
It represents a reference point in the furniture industry, having being able to develop innovative and significant ideas over the years.
Target: Furniture
branding / photoshooting / catalogues / web / video
The experience in creating tailor made products and the industrial precision of serial productions highlight the qualities and the flexibility of this company.
Target: Furniture
wayfinding / graphic
A renewal of the signage of the biggest fenced park in Europe, aiming at explaining, through the usage of didactic panels, the qualities and quantities of flowers, trees and animals that inhabit the park, as well as the story of this magic place in the era of the Hapsburg and Napoleon.
Target: Nature
web / cms
Scherzer 1880, dal oltre 120 anni, è attenzione verso la qualità del prodotto prezioso e ricercato fin nel più piccolo dettaglio; è garanzia di perfezione grazie all'indissolubile connubio tra design e tecnologia.
Target: Home